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However, note that snakemake has non-python dependencies, such that the pip based installation has a limited functionality if those dependencies are not manually installed in addition.

A list of Snakemake's dependencies can be found within its `meta.yaml conda recipe <>`_.

Installation of a development version via pip

If you want to quickly try out an unreleased version from the snakemake repository (which you cannot get via bioconda, yet), for example to check whether a bug fix works for you workflow, you can get the current state of the main branch with:

.. code-block:: console
$ mamba create --only-deps -n snakemake-main snakemake
$ conda activate snakemake-main
$ pip install git+
You can also install the current state of another branch or the repository state at a particular commit.
For information on the syntax for this, see `the pip documentation on git support <>`_.

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