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This is an incomplete Apache Usergrid / Ember.js example. It shows how to login via Usergrid and use Ember-Data to create and retrieve Usergrid Activities. The example application is called "Checkin" and is based on the same Usergrid app used in my Usergrid-Mobile example.


To build and run Usergrid-Ember you will need NPM, Grunt and Bower installed on your computer.

  • NPM: install from the NPM website.
  • Grunt: install this via the NPM tool, for example npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Bower: install this via the NPM tool, for example npm install -g bower

How to build and run Usergrid-Ember

  1. Run ./ to download dependencies, uglify and concatenate them into build/all-deps.js and build/all-deps.css.
  2. Run grunt web_server to launch in a simple web server, then browse to http://localhost:8080/index.html to see the app in action

Other notes

By default Apigee's API BaaS hosted version of Apache Usergrid and it uses the "checkin1" application of the author's "snoopdave" organization. You can use your own API BaaS application if you wish. Just go to the site and sign up for a free account. Then make sure you change the code in app.js to point to your app like so:

Usergrid = {
    uri: "",
    getAppUrl : function() {
        return this.uri + "/" + this.orgName + "/" + this.appName;
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