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2021-11-18 Johnny A. Solbu <>
* Version 3.0
* Add support for html5 video
2020-10-11 Johnny A. Solbu <>
* Version 2.4
* Makefile: Don't assume bash is installed.
2019-11-23 Johnny A. Solbu <>
* Version 2.3
* Makefile:
default install folders can be changed by using
«make DESTDIR=/blah/bleh PREFIX=/usr install». This will also change
the paths used in the various files. No more need for distro
2019-11-15 Johnny A. Solbu <>
* Generate mobile-friendly html-pages
* Switch from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 encoding
Thu, June 2, 2016: Wolfgang Trexler
* Version 2.2 - minor changes
* removed define(@array) as this is deprecated in newer perl versions
* Added better explanations if ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick files can not be found
Mon, May 28, 2012: Alexander Zangerl, Wolfgang Trexler
* Version 2.1
* igal now supports EXIF data with option -e
* Perl Module Image::ExifTools is needed if this option is used
* Thanks to Daniel Weuthen for the initial contribution
* Files: igal2.css, slidetemplate2.html changed to support EXIF data
Mon, Nov 16, 2008: Wolfgang Trexler
* Version 2.0
* changed name to igal2
* changed default installation directory to /usr/local/lib/igal2
* igal2 now supports paging, that means if there a more than a given number of fotos
several index pages are generated. ie. index.html, 1index.html, 2index.html, etc.
see help for parameter "-pagination <n>"
* added version information in indextemplate2
* changed utilities/ to force paging after 50 fotos
Wed, Feb 27, 2008: Riku Kalinen
* Version 1.4.7-wt
* Riku repaired option "--xy" which should now be working as promised
Attention: Due to the bug (missing implemenation) option --xy did the same as -y,
so if you used --xy please be aware that the outcome now may be surprising ;-)
* Changed utilities/ to use -y instead of -xy
Thu, Nov 22, 2007: Stewart Addison (
* Version 1.4.6-wt
* bug fixing - option -s the css file isn't
copied across so you don't get the tiles displayed.
* -m <file>
Automatically add watermark to each image - this works well with a
transparent .gif, but anything can be used - edit the "composite" line
later on to adjust visibility/position of mark if required Originals
will be left with a .unmarked extension
* -o <dir>
Root URL of alternate location for the links to full size images. Use
this if your indexes will be in a different location/server from the
back end images
Mon, Jul 11, 2006: (Wolfgang Trexler)
* igal enhanced 1.4.5-wt contains bug-fix in "option -n" to 1.4.4-wt
* line 422 - with option -n handle filenames with more than one dot "." correct
Mon, Jan 3, 2005: (Wolfgang Trexler)
* igal enhanced 1.4.4-wt contains improvements and bug-fixes to 1.4.1-wt
* igal now also generates indexes for directories containing only 1 image
* minor code cleanup
Fri, April 11, 2003:
* igal enhanced 1.4.1-wt is an enhanced version of original igal 1.4
* This release was done by Wolfgang Trexler <>
* Support for image filenames with international characters and special
characters like \, <, >, #, %, " or white space.
igal no longer renames your files if they contain characters that are
not URL conform. Instead igal will escape (%xx) them inside the HTML
* Option --dest <dir>
Before this version igal placed all igal helper files (thumbnails,
slidefiles, CSS, etc) in the directory where the image files reside.
With this option these files can be placed in a subdirectory of the
image directory.
* Option --AddSubdir
If igal finds subdirectories below your image directory it can add
links to this directories in the index.html file
Note: igal will not work recursively, it just adds links.
Mon, Feb 3, 2003:
* igal 1.4 released
Sun, Feb 2, 2003:
* write useful navigation info (e.g next/prev image name, captions)
inside TITLE tags which will show as pop-up info on most browsers
* the small tile graphic is now tile.png (was tile.gif)
* enable PNG support in igal! (if ImageMagick is installed)
* eliminate -e option
* updated man page
Tue, Jan 14, 2003:
* igal 1.4 released on the website only, for beta testing
* thanks for beta testing: Ken ???
Mon, Jan 13, 2003:
* HUGE speed improvement with ImageMagick (almost 3x faster):
convert now internally uses -scale (not -geometry) to resize
thumbs and medium-size slides (when --bigy is used). Output
quality of scaled-down images is about the same, but igal runs
*much* faster. As a consequence, igal now uses ImageMagick
tools first if available, else it falls back onto cjpeg/djpeg
* igal now writes out the command line options with which it was
invoked inside a META tag at the top of the index.html file
Tue, Jan 07, 2003:
* when --bigy is given don't re-generate the medium-size slides
if they already exist, unless the -f switch is given
* updated man page
Mon, Jan 06, 2003:
* make use of convert instead of mogrify to rescale images
* new option --con to pass command line options to convert or cjpeg
(for controlling thumbnail quality, adding noise, etc.)
* downscaled tile.gif image from 20x28 to 15x21 (extensive research
and comparisons with 35mm film has shown that this makes it more
true to scale next to thumbnails of default height 75)
* option -t now can adjust (mogrify) the tile.gif size on the fly
* eliminated option -b since thumbnail background is now set w/CSS
Sun, Jan 05, 2003:
* constrict output of identify by forcing -format switch, this should
help igal deal w/future changes in ImageMagick's command identify
* divide by 1024, not 1000 to get image sizes from bytes to kilobytes
* obscure bug fixed: when -c and -y were used together sometimes igal
would incorrectly think it had havelj = 0 (thanks Per Starback)
* introduced CSS! style settings are in the igal.css template
* index AND slide template are HTML 4.01 compliant (
Mon, Nov 19, 2001:
* version 1.3 released
Sun, Nov 18, 2001:
* fixed error with newer ImageMagick packages (5.3.x)
* fixed pre-loading of unscaled image when --bigy is used
* fixed case-sensitive distinction between -c and -C
* added option -u to put image captions (or names) under
thumbnails on main index page
* re-ordered options list alphabetically when igal -h is called
* acknowledge option -r and don't look to find .tile.gif
* noted URI spec page moved to
* updated man page
Wed, Aug 23, 2000:
* version 1.2 released
Tue, Aug 22, 2000:
* updated man page
* made --www into a post-processing option, e.g it's run at the end.
Mon, Aug 21, 2000:
* added option -C to preserve file names as captions in .captions file
* added ability to mix JPG and GIF files in the same slide show.
* sort the mixed JPG and GIF files alphabetically
* improved user warnings.
Wed, Aug 16, 2000:
* added support for a $HOME/.igal directory with user templates
* added ability to shrink huge slides on the fly (option --bigy)
Mon, Aug 14, 2000:
* added ability to include image size information on the main index
page, underneath the thumbnails (options -a, --ad and --as)
* switched to support GIF images only if ImageMagick is installed
* fixed bug in regexp when reading the image size info from identify
Wed, Aug 09, 2000:
* version 1.1 released
Tue, Aug 08, 2000:
* added checks to make sure file names conform to the URI specs from
before they are included in the HTML slides or index. According to
section 2.4.3 of that document, URIs may not contain delimiters such
as <, >, #, %, " or white space.
* added three ways of dealing with these malformed file names.
(suppress symbols/replace spaces with underscores, replace all with
underscores or just suppress all).
* added version number in --help output.
Sun, Aug 06, 2000:
* bugfix: enabled -i option
* added double quotes around all internal references to file names
being used in system calls (to handle file names with symbols)
* bugfix: fixed small bug with -k and -n options
Sat, Aug 05, 2000:
* added code to convert spaces to underscores in image file names
Fri, Aug 04, 2000:
* version 1.0 released