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  • Introducing GetOrdersByIDs method in DWH (#1570).
    This PR introduces a method to DWH API that allows you to get orders with required IDs.
  • Replace "--out=json" with just "--json" flag (#1559).
  • Update ethereum, build on go 1.11 (#1564).
    Now the project can be built on go 1.11.
  • Print CPU model in worker devices cmd (#1563).
    Closes #1521.
  • Password flag for sonmcli login command (#1551).
    This commit adds able to pass "--password=topsecret" flag for "sonmcli login" command. Useful for auto-installer script.
  • Keep internal state for Connor (#1545).
  • Dwh stats handle (#1540).
    The new GetStats() handle returns current DWH stats.
  • Activate nice market API on Worker matcher (#1534).
    This allows to see why a Worker's matcher failed to open a deal, instead of just "transaction failed".
  • Show CPU cryptonight benchmark in CLI (#1536).
  • GRPC rate limiter (#1525).
    This commit allows restricting Worker and Node services usage by specifying rate limiter interceptor, which can be configured for taking in action both global and precise settings - for each method differently. This is required to avoid some dumb DOS attempts, however, not ideal. The idea is to keep RPS counter for each remote peer that is identified by ETH address, which we can extract from the request. The counter has EWMA internally, which is good for an npredictable load profile. Then this EWMA exceeds the specified threshold an "Unavailable" error is returned. Closes #1495.
  • Btrfs based storage quotas (#1034).
    It's based on Btrfs subvolumes and quota groups limits. Each subvolume can have its own limit (Docker sets this limit if you ask) and several subvolumes can be added to a quota group to have a shared limit. https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Quota_support Playing with quota groups allows us to provide a shared limit. When a container is created we lookup its rootfs directory. WARNING: Docker does not expose this API, so some dark magic applied to fetch btrfs graph driver related information. We extract this information by reading files inside graph driver directory. DealID is used as quota group id. We allocate new group if it does not exist. A subvolume with roofs of the container is assigned to this group. When container dies we remove this subvolume from quota group. If the quota group is empty, it's deallocated.


  • Reduce bid price predictor deviation (#1571).
    Bid price predictor is now trained on BID orders that were successfully converted into deals. This should reduce the deviation between the predicted price and the actual one. Also Optimus is now trained on BID orders, while previously all active orders were used.
  • Memory leak in Node and everywhere (#1572).
    Node and other servers under the medium/high load should no longer suffer from a memory leak.
  • Calculate uptime only when benchmarks is finished (#1561).
  • Proper version var for cli (#1560).
    Closes #1537.
  • Show change request price in USD/h (#1562).
    Closes #1507.
  • Use global timeout for task list cmd (#1558).
  • Restore 13-th benchmark for Connor (#1538).
  • Restore setting version in apps (#1533).
    Suddenly, go doesn't allow to set a nested variable through link arguments, only strings.
  • Do not build linux-only tests everywhere (#1529).
  • Remove extra benchmark from Connor's config (#1526).
    Should be added in #1512.
  • Always expand config path (#1519).
    Previously if user specifies config path like "/config/node.yaml", service cmd wrapper wasn't threated "" as home dir. This commit fixes this issue.
  • Proper xdocker.Reference marshalling (#1524).
    This commit fixes xdocker.Reference marshalling in the way it can be used via json and yaml encoders.