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Interface for controlling the temperature sensors DS18B20, supports; serial DS9097, usb DS9097U, usb DS2490, Raspberry Pi GPIO
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new init.lua for ESP

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db Jakies zmiany
dbf fix beta nettemp install
media add hosts monitoring
modules new init.lua for ESP
other ntinfo
index.php 8.4.46
install Merge branch 'beta' of into beta installer new init.lua for ESP

Nettemp work's on any system based on debian. But only on Raspberry Pi gpio will work.


Read temp 1-wire sensors from DS18b20 over GPIO4 and DS2482 over I2C, humidity DHT11, DHT22 over GPIO, servers temperature over SNMP
Read value from BMP180, TSL2561, HTU21D over I2C - thanks to ro-an
Wirks with lm-sensors
Read internal temperature from Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi
View charts with temeratures and humidity
Send mail notofication when temperature is to high, You can set value
Set gpio on/off, gpio temperature on/off, gpio time on/off
You can connect APC UPS over USB and recieve notification form UPS
OpenVPN server. User + Pass + CRT
Firewall function
System stats

Debian, RaspberryPi:

download and run like root, script will install all requirements like php, www.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ca-certificates
wget --no-check-certificate
chmod 755

    In browser: http://your_ip

OpenWRT, beta version:

opkg update
opkg install wget
wget --no-check-certificate
chmod 755


admin admin - access for all

alt tag alt tag alt tag alt tag alt tag alt tag


8.4.64 new init.lua for ESP8266

8.4.63 fix YEAR highcharts

8.4.62 add to units lcd

8.4.61 add show modules to ntinfo

8.4.60 add other/ntinfo for debug

8.4.59 test: fix ESP8166 searching for wlan devs.

8.4.58 fixed lcd init

8.4.57 add LCD over i2c (settings -> lcd) fix lcd

8.4.56 changed: reverse lock icon bellow login add: gpio 28,29,30,31 to rpi rev2 fix: notification inputs

8.4.55 add new code to ESP8166 in modules/sensors/wireless/ new script to read wireless temp add kwh charts style from forum user Dise

8.4.54 add new i2c scan

8.4.53 add host monitoring

8.4.52 fix snmp client

8.4.51 add snmpd server to gui

8.4.50 fix sudo

8.4.49 now in settings menu, i2c bus can be set 0 or 1.

8.4.48 add wireless sensors ESP8266 - ok

8.4.47 disable apache2 after install

8.4.46 RTC clock 100%

8.4.45 fix ups status add RTC hardware clock DS1307 support (90%)

8.4.43 add en_EN tmp locale to week script

8.4.33 nettemp now hourly send updated temp value, not first saved. new email body with nettemp ip.

8.4.32 little view changes

8.4.31 add grey info in gpio day function

8.4.30 fix temperature serial readings

8.4.29 add to mail settings option "send errors"

8.4.28 add better view to gpio temp function

8.4.27 add to status file check option

8.4.26 fix higcharts on OpenWRT

8.4.25 add i2c sensor MPL3115A2 add to gpio: You cannot remove gpio when some option is turned on. fix gpio status

8.4.24 ca.crt download button back

8.4.23 fix when notification is off and mail still is sending

8.4.22 fix when kwh counter still work after off perms cleaning

8.4.21 new kwh counter and hour and day charts

8.4.20 add to option to settings->gpio pullup=1 to GPIO (1wire)

8.4.19 add to option to settings->gpio strong_pullup=0 to ds2482 (1wire)

8.4.18 optimize week function in gpio

8.4.17 fix RDD (color problem) add WAL mode to sqlite3

8.4.16 Add to mail sender: Recovery nitification, send once on start and later every hour. fix Rpi model check

8.4.15 fix html exit in temp function fix mail sender adress add gpio numbers to RPi B2

8.4.14 change time settings in kwh charts and gpio charts

8.4.13 kwh charts now generate hour charts add new function charts from gpio status

8.4.12 add files required to build nettempUSB system.

8.4.11 bugfix in week add date to footer

8.4.10 fixes and add function day to week. Now You can set zones in each day in week

8.4.9 bug fix authmod, gpio temp. Tools > update

8.4.8 add to gpio week function, buzzer, 3 day zones, 3 sensors for the selection like source.

8.4.7 show noly last 100 lines in log reset clean all tmp dir update set good perms add active tab in menu chnages in authmod on/off style

8.4.6 fix sms

8.4.5 fix iptables openvpn port - back to standard add missing perms on backup file fix path when search on 1wire

8.4.4 change scripts localtion

8.4.3 fix snmp after fix php del info errors

8.4.2 add HTU21D sensors over I2C + write to db fix new check for bus HTU21D add lm-sensors readings add Banana Pi internal temparature sensor add check in i2c_read add autorefresh in status and charts i2c: not try to write error to rrd base :) change BananaPi check lmsensors: add core temp

8.4 add i2c sensors status "error" if error :) if find i2c bus You will see which is change crontab lines IMPORTANT: see in installer what lines must be in cron!!! or do new installation. auto add to boot if find ds2482

8.3.4 add Raspberry Pi model version info in footer. fix mail notofication in trigger function.

8.3.4 fix: port for openvpn is default 1194 not 1195

8.3.3 Add info to backup/restore about php.ini and max_upload_filesize. Add vpn connection status. User, IP, ROUTING, date

8.3.2 OpenVPN add: add & del users from system not base. After base reset did not see vpn user.

8.3.1 fix Alarm POST

8.3 add ds2482 over i2c

8.2 fix php problems

8.1 Add on/off to i2c script If no vcdencmd sensor Raspberry_Pi is not activated. add missing date to temp_add_sensor show default value for divider in kwh fix backup restore bug. When restore time is long. add back buton after upload. add info about version in footer

8.0 Add support for BMP180 and TSL2561. Lux, Altitude, Pressure, Temp Remove default conf.php form repo. Now its generated from installation setup and frpm tools->updat or tools->file check Changed menu: In new tab Devices is GPIO, Sensors, SNMP, UPS. In Security tab is Firewall, VPN, authmod (www password) Reset to default for now don't remove rrd bases. Reset erase all changes in nettemp code. git reset --hard HEAD Fix: VPN not started after reboot. i2c better searching Check if databse and exist before site is loading. REMOVE conf.php, this file is not anymore base info for php and bash working directory. Turn off RRD settings if rrd is off.

7.7.3 mv kwh to charts and gpio, gpio on/off, mv mail and sms to settings

7.7.2 fix login, dir

7.7.1 fix vpn and firewall bugs. Recommended reinstall nettemp:) add www password - mod_auth

7.7 Add OpenVPN serwer Add Firewall option some bug fixes

7.6.6 add (H %) to humi highcharts add print option to charts

7.6.5 clean in highcharts

7.6.4 Move humi results to separate graph. Add RRD to SNMP view, HUMI view One view

7.6.3 fix snmp in status fix read temps fix dht remove snmp from view highcharts remove snmp form view rrd change session timeout to 5min

7.6.2 add SNMP client add SNMP view

7.6.1 Fix crash when add humi on Rpi B

7.6 Add to highcharts more views: week, month, year

7.5.3 Add to highcharts more views: week, month, year

7.5.2 Add current comsumption to kWh Fix mail sender

7.5.1 Add gpio high state counter. kWh counter.

7.5 Add UPS function, connect nettemp to Your UPS over USB (apcupsd)

7.4.16 add more checks for readings get nettemp dir from conf.php

7.4.15 fix DHT22 readings

7.4.14 clicable icons in gpio menu optimize gpio check's fix cron gpio>gpio2 gpio2 check onoff fix add revers to gpio main menu fix firefox buttons add attachment to mail only form shell add limits for DHT md5sum to fix rrd md5sum to highcharts

7.4.12 db fix gpio fix

7.4.11 fix: rrd create db

7.4.10 fix: script "check" now only check from browser fix: no any state on gpio after restart when not pickup any option

7.4.9 add Alarms for gpio ex. if HIGH send ALARM

7.4.8 fix install script, fix read value for DHT* sensors.

7.4.7 fix ico to hour plan

7.4.6 disable user temp add time range to gpio. Works with temp option.

7.4.5 check if result form digitemp is numeric add °C :)

7.4.4 little changes in gpio added support for serial sensors (beta)

7.4.3 fix gpio status

7.4.2 fix read value from DHT22

7.4.1 Removed switch hi/lo form first menu to two in gpio. Changed info: "Humidity enabled on gpio x" to "Humidity enabled" Add info about gpio 4. Gpio 4 is reserved for 1-wire.

7.4 Fix DHT11,22 functions. Add settings. Turn on/off RRD or Highcharts in view. Add nettemp_password in nettemp directory to create htaccess on whole site. Add gpio to status Change icons in status Other fix

7.3.2 Add icons for humi DHT11, DHT22 in status. Fix gpio, when can't add humi mode for gpio. Fix scripts responsible for reading sensors.

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