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Client/Server Backend for Space Station 14
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Acruid and PJB3005 Map System Code Refactor (#796)
* Removed unused method TileRef.GetStep().
Removed unused property TileRef.TileSize.
Removed unused property TileRef.Tile, made the field public with the same name.
Made the TileRef struct readonly.
Removed property TileRef.TileDef.
Removed property TileRef.LocalPos.
Renamed GridTile to GridIndices.
Implemented IEquatable on TileRef.
Implemented Equality operators on TileRef.
Added PublicAPI attribute to TileRef.
Added doc comments to TileRef.

* Modified Tile:
Added the PublicApi annotation.
Made struct readonly.
Filled out doc comments.
Changed auto properties to readonly fields.
Renamed TileId to TypeId.
Added a static Empty tile to the struct.
Implemented IEquatable.

* Modified MapCoordinates:
Added PublicApi attribute.
Implemented IEquatable.
Filled out doc comments.
Removed Map property.

* Modified ScreenCoordinates:
Filled out doc comments.
Added the PublicApi attribute.
Implemented IEquatable.

* Modified GridCoordinates:
Removed method IsValidLocation.

* Removed property GridCoordinates.Grid.

* Removed GridCoordinates.Map.

* Removed GridCoordinates.MapId.

* Removed property GridCoordinates.IsWorld.
Removed constructors taking a MapId.

* Removed static IoCManager calls from GridCoordinates.

* Modified GridCoordinates:
Added attribute PublicApi.
Filled out doc comments.

* Filled out doc comments for MapGrid.
Filled out doc comments for MapIndices.
Misc refactors for both.

* added command to teleport grids.

* Added method Box2.Intersect.
Added method Box2.Union.
Placement manager now spawns new grids to place tiles not connected to an existing grid.
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.github Add Acruid to Code Reviewers Jan 15, 2018
BuildChecker Fix Travis and code analysis compiler warnings on Unix. (#535) Mar 9, 2018
MSBuild Renames SS14.* to Robust.* (#793) Apr 16, 2019
POCs/GasPropagationTest Recieve -> Receive (#290) Jul 26, 2017
Resources Remove chat from the engine. (#790) Apr 13, 2019
Robust.Client.Godot Renames SS14.* to Robust.* (#793) Apr 16, 2019
Robust.Client Map System Code Refactor (#796) Apr 20, 2019
Robust.Server Map System Code Refactor (#796) Apr 20, 2019
Robust.Shared.Maths Map System Code Refactor (#796) Apr 20, 2019
Robust.Shared Map System Code Refactor (#796) Apr 20, 2019
Robust.UnitTesting Map System Code Refactor (#796) Apr 20, 2019
Tools Automate GodotSharp.dll download Mar 30, 2019
docs Refactor tile IDs. (#778) Apr 3, 2019
.appveyor.yml Renames SS14.* to Robust.* (#793) Apr 16, 2019
.editorconfig Outlines & Custom non-entity drawing. (#592) Jun 3, 2018
.gitignore Add .directory to gitignore Jan 23, 2019
.travis.yml Renames SS14.* to Robust.* (#793) Apr 16, 2019
LICENSE-MIT.TXT Attempt to fix Python on Travis being too old. (#415) Sep 14, 2017
RobustToolbox.sln Renames SS14.* to Robust.* (#793) Apr 16, 2019
nuget.config Fix missing dependency issues: Mar 21, 2019 Prettyfying README.MD (#777) Apr 4, 2019

Robust Toolbox

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Robust Toolbox is a client/server backend for Space Station 14.

This repository is the engine section of SS14. This is the base engine all SS14 servers will be built on. As such, it does not start on its own: it needs the content repo. Use said repo for actual development, even if you're modifying the engine itself.

Getting in Touch

The IRC is setup to relay back and forth to the Discord server so IRC nerds will not be left out.


We have various documentation articles about various systems on the GitHub wiki.


We are happy to accept contributions from anybody. Get in Discord or IRC if you want to help. We've got a list of issues that need to be done and anybody can pick them up. Don't be afraid to ask for help either!


In practice, you usually don't build this repository directly.

Legal Info

See for licenses and copyright.

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