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Latest commit 67a6496 May 29, 2017 @grinrag grinrag Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-proxy-installer] release [2.7.…

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backend Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-backend] release [2.7.110-1]. May 26, 2017
branding Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-branding] release [2.7.4-1]. May 8, 2017
client Automatic commit of package [dnf-plugin-spacewalk] release [2.7.6-1]. May 26, 2017
contrib Setting ts=4 is wrong Jan 28, 2015
documentation update info about DB schema documentation generation Nov 29, 2016
java Fix typo May 26, 2017
projects 1351992 - remove no longer used package Mar 10, 2017
proxy Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-proxy-installer] release [2.7.… May 29, 2017
rel-eng Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-proxy-installer] release [2.7.… May 29, 2017
reporting Remove unused imports. Apr 28, 2017
satellite/install 1420744 - change RHN on RHSM in installer script Feb 15, 2017
schema Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-schema] release [2.7.23-1]. May 11, 2017
scripts Remove unused imports. Apr 28, 2017
search-server Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-search] release [2.7.5-1]. May 3, 2017
selinux Use HTTPS in all Github links Mar 3, 2017
spacecmd Revert "1367562 - spacecmd: Added output to logging.debug from softwa… May 24, 2017
spacewalk Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-pylint] release [2.7.1-1]. May 24, 2017
spec-tree removed outdated Makefile May 22, 2017
usix Updated links to github in spec files Mar 3, 2017
utils 1007526 - minor tweak to archive-audits manpage May 18, 2017
web Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-web] release [2.7.3-1]. May 4, 2017
.gitignore not only in java directory May 6, 2016
.travis.yml specify generic language Sep 13, 2016
LICENSE Getting rid of Tabs and trailing spaces in LICENSE, COPYING, and READ… Jan 8, 2015 fixed wiki link in README Feb 17, 2017