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backend Regenerating .po and .pot files for spacewalk-backend. Mar 16, 2018
branding Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-branding] release [2.8.5-1]. Feb 9, 2018
client Regenerating .po and .pot files for spacewalk-abrt. Mar 16, 2018
contrib Setting ts=4 is wrong Jan 28, 2015
documentation Update ant setup to add xalan-j2 to build-lib. Also update apidoc gen… Nov 30, 2017
java Merging frontend L10N from Zanata Mar 16, 2018
projects Automatic commit of package [python-gzipstream] release [2.8.6-1]. Feb 12, 2018
proxy Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-proxy] release [2.8.5-1]. Feb 13, 2018
rel-eng Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-setup-postgresql] release [2.8… Mar 14, 2018
reporting Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-reports] release [2.8.4-1]. Feb 9, 2018
satellite/install 1420744 - change RHN on RHSM in installer script Feb 15, 2017
schema Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-schema] release [2.8.18-1]. Feb 20, 2018
scripts use OAUTH token for listing PRs Mar 8, 2018
search-server Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-doc-indexes] release [2.8.4-1]. Feb 9, 2018
selinux Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-selinux] release [2.8.3-1]. Feb 9, 2018
spacecmd Automatic commit of package [spacecmd] release [2.8.20-1]. Feb 28, 2018
spacewalk Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-setup-postgresql] release [2.8… Mar 14, 2018
spec-tree Automatic commit of package [select2-bootstrap-css] minor release [1.… Feb 9, 2018
usix Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-usix] release [2.8.3-1]. Mar 1, 2018
utils Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-utils] release [2.8.13-1]. Feb 13, 2018
web Automatic commit of package [spacewalk-web] release [2.8.5-1]. Feb 14, 2018
.gitignore ingnore java/bin/* directories Oct 31, 2017
.travis.yml require rpm for rpmspec in build script Sep 7, 2017
LICENSE Getting rid of Tabs and trailing spaces in LICENSE, COPYING, and READ… Jan 8, 2015 Mention download wiki page, add image of current release in README Nov 10, 2017