The Laravel template used for our CMS like projects
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Blender is the Laravel template that is used for (nearly) all our projects.

You may use our template but please notice that we offer no support whatsoever. We also don't follow semver for this project and won't guarantee that the code (especially the master branch) is stable. In short: when using this, you're on your own.


This guide assumes you're using Laravel Valet

Laravel App

Download the master branch

git clone

Install the composer dependencies

composer install

Make a copy .env.example and rename to .env

Finally make sure you have a database named blender, and run the migrations and seeds

php artisan migrate --seed


Installing Blender's front end dependencies requires yarn.


Blender uses Laravel Mix to build assets. To build assets run:

yarn run dev

Available build tasks are defined in package.json


  • Most of our projects are in Dutch. You can change the language in config/app.php.
  • We use Redactor from Imperavi as text editor but are not licensed to open source this. The text editor is hence degraded to a standard text area unless you comment out this part in resources/assets/back/app.js



Generally we won't accept any PR requests to Blender. If you have discovered a bug or have an idea to improve the code, contact us first before you start coding.


Blender and The Laravel framework are open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license