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We create open source, digital products and courses for the developer community

About Spatie

Spatie crafts web applications, course & open source packages in the Laravel ecosystem.

We have built a collection of best-in-class products:

  • Ray: a desktop app to debug applications faster
  • Flare: the best exception tracker for PHP and Laravel application
  • Mailcoach: a self-hosted solution for sending mails reliably
  • Media Library Pro: front-end components to upload and manage media
  • Laravel Backup Server: a package to easily back up multiple servers

Our experience building PHP and Laravel applications is shared in these premium courses:

We like to use Laravel for most of our projects and love to contribute to the awesome Laravel ecosystem. That's also why we have been building Laravel and PHP packages since 2015. Our packages have been downloaded over 200 millions times. You'll find a full list of free packages in the open source section of our website.

Here are some of our open source highlights:

You can help with our open source efforts in many ways: by resolving open issues or just by sending us a postcard. An easy way to send us a postcard is via

You can also sponsor our open source work via GitHub Sponsors or buy a T-shirt from us.


  1. A package to backup your Laravel app

    PHP 5k 691

  2. Associate files with Eloquent models

    PHP 5k 938

  3. menu Public

    Html menu generator

    PHP 626 86

  4. A Laravel package to retrieve pageviews and other data from Google Analytics

    PHP 2.7k 425

  5. Log activity inside your Laravel app

    PHP 4.4k 621

  6. The source code of

    PHP 1.9k 436