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splitbrain add datetime option to info plugin
It simply displays the time of the last render() call. This is useful
for cache debugging
Latest commit 7210c85 Jun 4, 2020


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.github/workflows Split out temporary code style excludes Feb 19, 2020
_test fix the case lookup table. #3113 Jun 2, 2020
bin replaced deprecated utf8 functions Jun 10, 2019
conf Merge pull request #3000 from splitbrain/license-lang May 1, 2020
data readd lib/exe/indexer.php for now. fixes #3137 Jun 4, 2020
inc use correct class for Sitemap generation. fixes #3134 Jun 4, 2020
lib add datetime option to info plugin Jun 4, 2020
vendor dependency upgrades May 1, 2020
.editorconfig updated .editorconfig Jul 25, 2015
.gitattributes ignore the .github directory for exports Jun 2, 2020
.gitignore replace Doku_CLI with splitbrain\phpcli\CLI Nov 10, 2017
.htaccess.dist Fix .htaccess files for Apache 2.4 (and 2.2) Jun 17, 2018
.travis.yml use a script to fetch the correct phpunit Aug 16, 2019
COPYING updated GPL2 license text (fixes whitespace issues and typos and upda… Dec 11, 2011
README link to https sites Apr 7, 2020
appveyor.yml decrease php versions by one May 17, 2018
composer.json dependency upgrades May 1, 2020
composer.lock dependency upgrades May 1, 2020
doku.php Release preparation Jun 3, 2020
feed.php Renamed constant to RECENTS_ONLY_CREATION Mar 10, 2020
index.php use absolute URL in index.php when redirecting to doku.php, fixes #2706 Mar 12, 2019
install.php Checks for PHP mail in install.php and warns if mail used after insta… May 17, 2020


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                         and the DokuWiki Community
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