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Thomas Belser


Hi. Hallo. 你好. My name is Thomas and I am the developer of the Asgaros Forum plugin for WordPress.

Working on my own open-source project is a big passion for me which completely takes place during my free time besides of my current full-time job. While the development of a complex WordPress extension may look like a very time-consuming process, it is always great to see how an own little idea evolves into a bigger project over time which is used by a wide range of users. As an enthusiastic developer and long-time WordPress user I decided to give something back to its huge community. Thats why I love to provide my extensions to all WordPress users for free.

If you love my work as much as I love working on it, you can actively support the future development by becoming a Sponsor. Thank you very much! 🙂

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$1 a month


Support is not about how much you can give. Also the little things can make somebody smile!

$5 a month


A coffee helps to stay awake while fixing this one last bug at night.

$10 a month


Answering support questions all evening? Time to order a pizza!

$25 a month


A monthly rate for paying server costs of the official support-website.

$42 a month


Just in case that is what you want to give: The answer to everything!

$50 a month


Besides of working all day and night, having a dinner with my wife sometimes should be a good idea as well. :)

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