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Texas, USA

Hello! My name is Olivia, but typically I use Chew for everything :P. I know Ruby and Java, and I'm starting to learn PHP as well. I plan to expand my knowledge, but hey, at least I know what I don't know!

I've also contributed to many projects (I find contributing to libraries I use to get features I want benefits both me and others). I also contribute my time to other projects, cleaning up their issues.

I've always been a fan of programming, and I always have ideas of stuff I want to make, then I try to make it! Every time I do, I learn a little bit more. Unfortunately, some stuff I want to do and host costs me money. As I'm going into college, I'm probably going to have to spend it on studies rather than stuff I want to do. Any money would help me a ton, get me through college, and get my projects funded. I try to not charge for most of the things I do; I always offer a free alternative for others in my situation.

I hope you consider sponsoring, and if you don't, that's ok! You can also support me by appreciating my work, and it would also mean the world to me :)

5 sponsors are funding Chew’s work.


This will help me pay for all of my development costs to ensure all of my projects stay free to use for everyone!


Featured work

  1. Chew/JDA-Chewtils

    Chew's fork of JDA-Applications/JDA-Utilities, with support for modern features such as Slash Commands, Context Menus, and more.

    Java 48
  2. Chew/

    Website code for

    Ruby 12
  3. Chew/

    Source code for

  4. Chewbotcca/Discord

    The revival of a dead Discord bot

    Java 5
  5. PaperMC/Paper

    High performance Spigot fork that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies

    Java 6,557
  6. EssentialsX/Essentials

    The modern Essentials suite for Spigot and Paper.

    Java 1,450

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The second tier, show you really care a bit more, thank you!

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The "I REALLY appreciate you" tier, I've never been appreciated like this before, so thank you so much <3

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Alright alright, I get it, you like my work so much you're donating more than I earn at work an hour. Thanks!

$20 a month


Look, I'm not an expert at writing tier descriptions, but this is quite a lot of money a month. I appreciate your appreciation! I don't know how I can thank you enough for supporting my work THIS much. This will let me host my projects on more expensive hardware, making my janky, inefficient code finally able to run!

$30 a month


This is basically $1 a day. If you really feel the need to give me $1 of your day, I would really appreciate it. Does this mean I can buy a VPS for $0.041/hr? Probably, if the math checks out.