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The Question....

The question I wanted to answer was, of course, a simple one:

What happens if you make Python GUIs so simple to create that beginners, kids, "non-programmers" are able to make complex GUIs quickly and with little effort?

The Goals

From the start, the PySimpleGUI project has tried to do things differently than other Open Source projects. It's structured differently, operated differently, and has 2 simple goals:

  1. Having fun
  2. Users experience success

The Financial Situation

The money part is my least favorite part of the whole experience. It's uncomfortable, it's stressful and irritating to hear about if you're a user that's already helping.

In the 3 years since the initial launch in July 2018, PySimpleGUI has exploded with users and uses. The applications that have been developed to date have been incredible to see. The growth has been incredible. I think it's also been earned. I've dedicated myself to this project and the users. I show up to work.

What hasn't exploded is the financial support. The biggest challenge, by far, is finding a way for the project to generate enough income to pay the direct project expenses and the most basic cost of living expenses (food, utilities, healthcare). I'm not trying to get rich from PySimpleGUI and never have had that as the goal.

Corporate Users.... Please Help

My hope was that the companies saving money by using PySimpleGUI or that are directly profiting from its use will begin to help financially. That hasn't happened.

If you have the ability to help, please consider helping. If you can't help financially, that's fine! I get it. Some users of PySimpleGUI have nothing extra to give.

If you are in a company that's using PySimpleGUI, no one at your company is noticing that you're using PySimpleGUI, that the project needs financial help, and is making donations on your behalf. It doesn't work like that in the real world.

You are the person that makes sponsorship work. You, the person using the PySimpleGUI software, have to be the person that makes the contribution using your company's resources.

Corporate Sponsors Welcomed

Want a nice spot on the PySimpleGUI homepage and a feels-good press release? I would love for that to happen to your company! Let's make it happen.


50 sponsors will help: * Me help other projects * Pay for some of the costs The 32 sponsors that signed up as of May 2022 are bringing in $200/month.... a real help with these project's costs! While Udemy is the primary source of income for the bigger project costs, I'm hopeful that sponsors, private and corporate, will begin to catch on in open source and make it possible for developers to make a living from their projects.

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