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We are the nerds who develop RESTHeart.

Started as a garage company in 2014, we have been keep growing delivering first class software to our customers and supporting the community with our open source projects.

We are now an established company with dozens of successful projects, happy customers and countless users of our open source projects.

Our commitment is creating the next generation development tools, in competition with the IT giants, being inspired and guided by passion.

Meet our team at

We have been featured on AWS (read the post here) and MongoDB blogs (read the post here).

All sponsorships will be fully dedicated to improve the RESTHeart project. Check the roadmap for more information about the ongoing development: RESTHeart v7, ideas and discussion

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Featured work

  1. SoftInstigate/restheart

    Rapid API Development with MongoDB

    Java 794
  2. SoftInstigate/http-shell

    HTTP Shell is a CLI tool based on the Kui framework that provides developers a modern alternative to http clients for interacting with APIs.

    TypeScript 12
  3. SoftInstigate/restheart-examples

    Examples on how to extend RESTHeart with plugins.

    Java 8
  4. SoftInstigate/graalvm-maven-docker

    A docker image for GraalVM and Maven built with sdkman from debian:buster-slim

    Dockerfile 21
  5. SoftInstigate/maven-aws-docker

    A docker image for Maven with AWS and ECS CLI tools

    Shell 5
  6. SoftInstigate/restheart-webchat

    A web chat implemented in Angular leveraging RESTHeart change streams feature

    HTML 5

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