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For the Major League Hacking Fellowship, I will be contributing to projects written in Python with a focus on modern tools to build web applications. So far, I have delved into the internals of Jinja and tackled a variety of issues that range from implementing new features to fixing bugs. I recently began looking into Click as well and finding ways to help out there. However, there are still a ton of other projects I am excited about such as HTTPie, FastAPI, and howdoi, and I hope to continue to challenge myself and make an impact in the open source community. 😄

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Featured work

  1. pallets/jinja

    A very fast and expressive template engine.

    Python 9,505
  2. MLH-Fellowship/0.5.2-cms

    Your one stop shop for maintaining and keeping track of the people you meet, and memorable details about them!

    JavaScript 1
  3. amy-lei/fish

    Stay connected with your friends through a game of fish

    JavaScript 2

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