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Andy Williams

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Hi, My name is Andrew and I love writing open source software! You can find more about me at my website.

I started writing software in 1999 and made my first open source contributions in 2003. I have worked as Software Engineer, CTO and Author and am now attempting to work on open source projects full time. Any help you can provide in supporting myself or the projects I work on would be really appreciated.

Fyne (GUIs with Go)

I am currently focused on building tools and libraries that help make it easy to develop quality cross platform applications. The Fyne project was created as a response to seeing a significant lack in this areas and it is my main project. We are building a toolkit for native application development across desktop and mobile using Go - aiming to promote platform agnostic application development.

We are also looking to spruce up the Linux desktop with a fully scalable, fast and easy to use & develop desktop environment, FyneDesk.

Previous projects

I have also been involved with the following projects - I don't actively develop them any more but would happily discuss or help with bug fixing if that's helpful.

4 sponsors are funding andydotxyz’s work.


Featured work

  1. andydotxyz/beebui

    A BBC Micro Emulator based on Fyne and skx/gobasic

    Go 16
  2. andydotxyz/Hands-On-GUI-Application-Development-in-Go

    Hands-On-GUI-Application-Development-in-Go, Packt publication

    Go 7
  3. andydotxyz/dicomgraphics

    A DICOM image viewer with configurable parameters

    Go 9
  4. andydotxyz/sudokgo

    Go based sudoku solver and generator

    Go 6
  5. andydotxyz/fynegameboy

    🕹️ A basic gameboy emulator for desktop and mobile

    Go 11
  6. andydotxyz/xsm

    eXtensible Site Manager - a Fast, inline edited content management system designed to minimise server load

    Java 3

Select a tier

$5 a month


✋ Give a high five!

Show your appreciation of open source contribution with a cool high five.
It's always great to know that hard work is appreciated and this helps to motivate me :).


  • You'll get a "Sponsor" badge on your profile ❤️, share the love!
  • I will list your name on my website and github profile as a sponsor

$20 a month


🥪 Buy me lunch

Make the afternoon more productive by knowing that someone gifted my lunch.
That feeling when your sandwich is better than the cheap one from the supermarket over the road!


All of the rewards from the "High Five" tier above plus:

  • Half an hour online chat each month about the topic of your choice.
    (I recommend Go, Fyne, CTO tips or Software Engineer career progression)
  • If we attend the same event I will return the favour with lunch or a tasty beverage 🍺.

$100 a month


🐛 Squash my bug!

We all know that software has bugs, we've not yet figured out how to make it perfect first time.
When sponsors are looking to get quicker response to issues this may be the solution.


All of the rewards from "Buy me lunch" and "High five" plus:

  • 1 bug registered for any of my active projects can be nominated each month for a priority fix -
    this means resolution within a week and, where possible, expedited releases to contain the fix.
  • 2 existing bugs can be prioritised to be fixed for the next release (on the same project as above)

$500 a month


👨‍🏫 Let's learn together

Some of my kind supporters are happy with the roadmap and progress of the projects I work on
but want to understand more about how to do more with them - or how to build their own.
If that sounds like you then I offer this mentor based sponsorship tier.


As this is focussed more on a 1-to-1 aspect this only includes rewards from "Give a high five" as well as:

Each month you can schedule the following:

  • up to 2 hours online chat 💬
  • 30 minutes of pair coding

These items can be on any coding topic of your choice but I'd recommend Fyne or Go GUI development.

$1,000 a month


🏗 Let's build something new!

It's why I got in to software in the first place, so let's build something :).
With big sponsors like you I will work on features that make a difference for your work / project.


All of the rewards from "Squash my bug", "Buy me lunch" and "Give a high five" as well as:

Each month you can choose just one of the following:

  • Request a feature for one of my active project and I will begin work on it right away . OR
  • Prioritise an existing feature request - help me focus on the items that matter most. OR
  • Building something completely different - a day of my time for bespoke development.

The above items may be subject to alignment with project aims or certain dependencies.