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What is AnyCable?

AnyCable enables building lightning-fast, reliable real-time applications with Ruby and Rails. Add real-time features to your application without never switching to another platform or language. Stay productive by writing clean, maintainable code in Ruby and be sure your application can be scaled fast and don’t cost a fortune for this.

AnyCable was inspired and maintained by Evil Martians—a team of experienced engineers and open source enthusiasts from Earth (and Mars).

AnyCable is a stable software. We've been working on the project for four years, getting strong community support. AnyCable already works in many Ruby on Rails projects performing well on production and under heavy load. Recently, we reached the first major release. There are more glorious days ahead with your help!

Why support AnyCable development?

We have the backlog of cool ideas to enrich AnyCable with new features and make it even faster. We need your hand in keeping pace with the further project’s development while responding to tickets and providing comprehensive support for current AnyCable users.

With your help, we'll be able to allocate more time for the product and supporting projects in the following areas:

  • AnyCable v2 active development (see more in the AnyCable 1.0 announcement post).
  • Improvements and new features releases for the 1.x series.
  • Producing AnyCasts screencasts.
  • Documentation improvements, designing more demo applications and tutorials.
  • New research projects and benchmarks on real-time applications.

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We add your name to the list and give access to the AnyCasts demo application, discussions forum, where we brainstorm new episodes, and bonus episodes in the future.

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We add your name to the list and put the top priority for the first response to your issues and feature requests. Thank you!