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About Me

An obsession with computers began early in my childhood. By my teens I was building and repairing PCs for small businesses to get side money. I started teaching myself to program while I was in High School, and I fell in love with Computer Science.

If you want to learn more about me check out my site: About Benji

My Passions

I have always found Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computing, and cybersecurity to be interesting topics. Teaching myself new subjects has always been my primary means of learning and that extended to these topics as much as to anything else.

My background was originally in closed source enterprise technology but over the last several years my passion for open source development has only increased. I find that it gives me a pure outlet for my creativity and problem solving that doesn't have strings attached. I think that it can be very rewarding.

I also try to help teach people, through my blog which covers a number of topics and will soon cover the process of designing and building distributed systems, evolutionary computations projects and other OSS work that I'm doing.

My Projects

I am working on building out distributed systems, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity software for use by the open source community. I also help maintain several community projects and give back time where I can.

A good deal of my work is in the Google Go programming language, and I love the Gopher community.

Sponsorship is important because it allows me to give more back to the community by giving me necessary resources to do so.


I think starting out with 10 sponsors as a goal is a good starting point. Any little bit helps. :)

Featured work

  1. devnw/atomizer

    Imagine thousands of machines across multiple cloud instances and data centers executing simultaneous processing for you with minimal deployment effort. Enter Atomizer - a Go library that facilitat…

    Go 19
  2. devnw/plex

    Plex multiplexes N number of net.Conn objects allowing for connection pooling, self-healing, and auto-scaling of connections.

    Go 4
  3. andygrunwald/go-jira

    Go client library for Atlassian Jira

  4. devnw/gvm

    Go Version Manager (gvm) enables seamless installing and swapping between Go versions with a single command. This tool manages a Go environment for the user by allowing a user to specify which Go v…

    Shell 55
  5. devnw/stream

    stream is a concurrency pattern implementation using Go generics. a.k.a. my accidentally awesome library

    Go 65

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