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I've been contributing open source software to the Clojure/Script community since 2014. My most significant contributions are Figwheel, Devcards and Rebel Readline. While this experience has been a pleasure, this software has taken a significant amount of time to write. If you have benefited from my work and have the means, pitch in some support to let me know that my work matters. Thanks!

18 sponsors are funding bhauman’s work.


Featured work

  1. bhauman/lein-figwheel

    Figwheel builds your ClojureScript code and hot loads it into the browser as you are coding!

    Clojure 2,878
  2. bhauman/devcards

    Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript

    Clojure 1,489
  3. bhauman/rebel-readline

    Terminal readline library for Clojure dialects

    Clojure 618
  4. bhauman/figwheel-main

    Figwheel Main provides tooling for developing ClojureScript applications

    Clojure 593
  5. bhauman/flappy-bird-demo

    Live interactive coding Flappy Bird in ClojureScript

    JavaScript 144
  6. bhauman/dotsters

    A game implemented in ClojureScript with the core.async library.

    CSS 126

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Your thoughtfulness will remind me monthly that my work matters.

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I don't really drink beer that much, but your contribution will shine in the warm amber glow of the earl grey iced tea that you just bought me. Trust me, I really love iced tea!

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So you're saying that you are deriving more fun and value from my open source than you do Netflix? Wow that's great! I'm starting to get the hint that you want me to quit my day job and work on this full time.

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Gee whiz, Thanks!!

$500 a month


What can I say? This is amazing support.