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Berlin, Germany

Hello friend 👋

I'm the maintainer of K-9 Mail, an email app for Android. It is part of the Thunderbird project.

I'm currently in the very fortunate position of being one of the full-time Thunderbird employees. The project is almost entirely funded by user donations. So if you want to support the development of K-9 Mail/Thunderbird on Android, please donate to Thunderbird.

If you'd like to say thanks for one of my side projects, you should check out the "Buy me a coffee" tier 🙂

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Featured work

  1. cketti/ckChangeLog

    ckChangeLog - An Android Library to display a Change Log

    Java 183
  2. cketti/EmailIntentBuilder

    An Android Library for the creation of SendTo Intents with mailto: URI

    Java 170
  3. cketti/SafeContentResolver

    A replacement for Android's ContentResolver that protects against the Surreptitious Sharing attack

    Java 37
  4. cketti/AttachContact

    Attach Contact (Android app)

    Kotlin 2
  5. cketti/PublicFileProvider

    Android library to publicly expose files via content:// URI. Consider using FileProvider instead!

    Java 12

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