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Eduardo Cuducos

Ottawa, Canada

I’m a geek interested in the social, in culture and in politics. As a PhD in sociology I enjoy reflecting upon common relationships of our daily life, but my passion for technology introduced me to the idea of hacking.

I’m one of the co-founders of Operação Serenata de Amor and I have worked and collaborated with civic tech projects in different organizations such as the World Bank, Open Knowledge Brasil, Datopian and IBCCRIM. In addition, I love side projects such as the ones I founded or maintain here at GitHub — and these contributions help me dedicate more time to these projects.

You can also show your support with Bitcoin 13WCAR21g1LGqzzn6WTNV5g7QdN1J35BDk.


This will allow Minha Receita to run on 2x professional dynos on Heroku, keeping its dedicated PostgreSQL at ElephantSQL, and an extra to invest in code quality and a bounty program.

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Featured work

  1. cuducos/minha-receita

    🏢 Sua API web para consulta de informações do CNPJ da Receita Federal

  2. cuducos/calculadora-do-cidadao

    💵 Tool for Brazilian Reais monetary adjustment/correction

    Python 129
  3. cuducos/elm-format-number

    Format numbers as pretty strings

    Elm 56
  4. cuducos/yaml.nvim

    🍒 YAML toolkit for Neovim users

    Lua 88
  5. cuducos/django-public-admin

    🔓 A public and read-only version of the Django Admin

    Python 36
  6. cuducos/go-cnpf

    🇧🇷 CPF and CNPJ validation in Go

    Go 13

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