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David Winter

Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

Hey, I'm David πŸ‘‹ I live in Tunbridge Wells in the UK, and I'm a Software Engineer.

I β™₯ to develop πŸ”¨ apps and libraries, contributing to open-source projects, while also writing on my blog about all of the things I've learnt on my journey 🚢 as a Software Engineer.

GitHub sponsorship helps me to continue this work and I'm most grateful to any sponsors! πŸ™Œ

If you or your company use any of my projects or like what I’m doing, please consider sponsoring me so I can continue working on them πŸ™

Check out some of my projects πŸ’»:

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Featured work

  1. nimblenote/nimblenote

    Simple keyboard-driven note taking application for macOS, Linux and Windows.

  2. davidwinter/electron-auto-update

    user friendly electron auto updates

    JavaScript 4
  3. davidwinter/electron-forge-maker-snap

    Simple snap packaging for electron-forge that just works

    JavaScript 4
  4. davidwinter/sensible_logging

    A logging library with sensible defaults for Sinatra apps.

    Ruby 3
  5. davidwinter/penny

    a minimalist hugo theme

    HTML 1

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