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My name is Miro and I'm an independent software creator from Slovakia.

I make open-source software under the label with the goal of making people's lives better with a good design, programming and support.

The useful thing I made is called Clockwork. It's a development tool for PHP, which gives you an insight into your application runtime. You can use it as a web app or a browser extension.

You can also find some other bits and pieces on my GitHub.

All my open-source work is done entirely in my free time. If you find anything I do useful, sponsoring might be a great way to show your support. Another great ways to contribute are sharing code, ideas, feedback or simply starring the repositories.

There are no sponsors benefits, I'm not selling early-access, priority support or consultation hours, because I do all these things for free for everyone anyway.

Lets link up on Discord, Twitter or via email and figure out how to make cool stuff together. And if you decide to sponsor I'd love to hear why.

Have fun creating everyone!


11 sponsors are funding itsgoingd’s work.


Featured work

  1. itsgoingd/clockwork

    Clockwork - php dev tools in your browser - server-side component

  2. underground-works/clockwork-app

    Clockwork - php dev tools in your browser - client application

    Vue 58

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