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Working on Bitcoin-related projects, first and foremost, the Bitcoin/Lightning mobile wallet Zeus.

Bitcoin Donations

If you'd like to help with the cost of running Zeus project with Bitcoin you can send a payment to us via PayNym
+holymorning7d1, via, or via keysend. The Zeus node can be found at 03e1210c8d4b236a53191bb172701d76ec06dfa869a1afffcfd8f4e07d9129d898@zg6ziy65wqhiczqfqupx26j5yjot5iuxftqtiyvika3xoydc5hx2mtyd.onion:9735.

13 sponsors are funding kaloudis’s work.


Featured work

  1. ZeusLN/zeus

    A mobile Bitcoin/Lightning app for LND, Core Lightning, and Eclair node operators ⚡️ Est. 563345

    TypeScript 492

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$1 a month


Every dollar counts. Thank you!

$5 a month


Send me five dollars a month, I'll probably liquidate it into satoshis.

$10 a month


Beer money

$25 a month


Help pay for Zeus' website hosting and developer accounts

$50 a month


Put money towards nodes and hardware to test on

$100 a month


This tier and higher will get thanked and credited in the release notes

$1,000 a month


This will go towards an iPhone for testing purposes. Also looking into the Pinephone so we can have Zeus on a fully libre platform.

This tier and higher will get preferential treatment for feature requests.

$5,000 a month


You are bonkers. Thanks!!