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Hi there 👋

My name is Kev, during the day I work in the Information Security industry, but I also enjoy web design. So this GitHub account lists the personal projects that I have.


Simple.css is a CSS framework that has been designed to make semantic HTML looks great, right out of the box. You can see a full demo of what Simple.css can accomplish on a site here.

I've also written a very verbose guide on how to setup a Jekyll site using Simple.css. You can find that post right here.

512KB Club

The 512KB Club is a collection of performance-focused web pages from across the Internet. The one and only rule for a web page to qualify as a member is...

The total UNCOMPRESSED web resources on your homepage must not exceed 512KB.

The internet has become a bloated mess. Massive javascript libraries, countless client-side queries and overly complex frontend frameworks are par for the course these days.

When online newspapers like The Guardian are over 4MB in size, you know there's a problem. Why does an online newspaper need to be over 4MB in size? It's crazy.

But we can make a difference - all it takes is some optimisation. Do you really need that extra piece of JavaScript? Does your WordPress site need a theme that adds lots of functionality you're never going to use? Are those huge custom fonts really needed? Are your images optimised for the web?

Other projects

If you want to see details of my other personal projects, please check out this page one my website


Wow! 5 people are interested in contributing to what I do; thank you, folks! I wonder if we can reach the dizzy heights of 10 fine people? A man can dream, right?

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  1. kevquirk/simple.css

    Simple.css is a CSS template that allows you to make a good looking website really quickly.

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  2. kevquirk/

    Website for the 512 KB Club

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