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Hi, I'm Tomáš (🇨🇿), I've been contributing to free and open-source software in my spare time since 2002.

My FOSS contributions 💁‍♂

🔧 submitting fixes and improvements

All software is buggy, but free software gives us the freedom to fix the issues that bother us. I exercise that freedom quite often: I fixed Xorg not responding after 49.7 days, helped make it possible to connect monitors to outputs wired to a dGPU, fixed suspend messing up uptime and process start time, and submitted hundreds of other fixes all around.

🧑‍💻 building my own stuff

Over the years I released a couple dozen small projects. A few I'm proud of:

  • strava-map-switcher – webextension that adds additional more detailed maps to
  • locus-rflkt-addon – alternative Android app for the (discontinued) Wahoo RFLKT bike computer with turn-by-turn navigation
  • GTK Cervi – Linux clone of an old DOS tron-like game (my first open-source project ever, released when I was 16)
  • xchat-bttrwbitlbee-like gateway between IRC and a web-based chat that was popular in .cz in 2000s

Also, my dotfiles (mono)repo contains various useful scripts and small vim plugins that I don't think deserve a separate repo.

👨‍🔧 helping maintain other projects

Currently, I'm a maintainer and contributor to the xmonad window manager.

Several other projects recognized my contributions and asked me to help with pull request reviews and development. I (used to) have push/commit access in several projects: fluxbox (another X11 window manager), hpack, python-jenkins, jenkins-job-builder. I'm no longer active in these projects, however.

educating others

I write about mostly technical stuff to my blog, and I occasionally (rarely 😞) give talks as well (I should do this more often, but impostor syndrome is hard, so you'll need to ask).

Why fund me? 💰

I really believe in free and open-source software being beneficial to our society and I wish I could stop worrying about having a closed-source day job and just spend my time improving the FOSS software we all use and rely on. When you choose one of the higher sponsorship tiers, you'll be able to influence which projects I spend my time on.


I'd like to not worry about a day job and just work full time on free and open-source software!

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Featured work

  1. xmonad/xmonad

    The core of xmonad, a small but functional ICCCM-compliant tiling window manager

    Haskell 2,922
  2. xmonad/xmonad-contrib

    Contributed modules for xmonad

    Haskell 520
  3. liskin/strava-map-switcher

    Map switcher for Strava website

    JavaScript 57
  4. liskin/strava-offline

    Keep a local mirror of Strava activities for further analysis/processing

    Python 33
  5. liskin/gh-problem-matcher-wrap

    Invoke linters, detect errors/warnings, show them as annotations. Supports PRs from forks, unlike other Actions.

    JavaScript 14
  6. tools-life/taskwiki

    Proper project management with Taskwarrior in vim.

    Python 724

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