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Jordan Harband

Hillsborough, CA

Hiβ€Ό My name's Jordan, and I've gradually mutated over the last decade into being super obsessed with open source, backwards compatibility, and finding ways to balance what I feel are ethical obligations to all users of projects I interact with, with the very real problem of time management, burnout, and work/life balance.

I've been a part of TC39 (the committee that writes the specification for JavaScript) since 2014, and I've been an editor of the specification since 2018. I've been heavily involved in the node community for as many years, and I've gradually created (but mostly inherited or been gifted) a decent number of open source projects. I persist in trying to maintain them all with maximal back compat, the strictest adherence to semver, and the greatest respect for users.

Projects I Maintain

Standards/Communities I Contribute To

this includes participation in working groups, committees, meetings, general issue triage, etc

How Sponsorship Helps

Although open source is a huge part of my life, it's not the most important part - I have a spouse, kids, and a dog; bills to pay; and I also try to give back to the wider community.

Sponsorship helps fund domains, travel, but also other sponsorships.

Current sponsors 78

Private Sponsor

Past sponsors 253


Featured work

  1. airbnb/javascript

    JavaScript Style Guide

    JavaScript 142,734
  2. nvm-sh/nvm

    Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions

    Shell 76,832
  3. es-shims/es5-shim

    ECMAScript 5 compatibility shims for legacy (and modern) JavaScript engines

    JavaScript 7,118
  4. ljharb/qs

    A querystring parser with nesting support

    JavaScript 8,392
  5. tc39/proposals

    Tracking ECMAScript Proposals

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Boba Tier! πŸ₯›πŸ΅βš«οΈ

This pays for one of my favorite drinks, boba! I <3 this drink more than I should, and once I even leveraged a loophole in a badly designed online ordering menu to get 8x pearls (it was a delicious colloidal suspension, but I've tended to limit myself to 2x since then)

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  • a sponsor πŸŽ– badge on your profile! (who doesn't like internet points)
  • the satisfaction that you've helped sustain the Open Source community you love and rely on πŸ™ and gratitude!
  • access to sponsor updates (ideally quarterly, but probably yearly) which will contain a sneak peek at my roadmap for the next months

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Pay it Forward πŸ’Έ Tier

Each subscriber at this tier ensures that at least $5/month out of their $10 gets passed on to elsewhere in the Open Source ecosystem. Specifically, this will directly add to or create a Github Sponsorship, or an Open Collective sponsorship, or similar.

Starting at this tier, you will receive access to my spreadsheet of all open source-related income and expenses since 2012. This will be as transparent as is practical, and will include anything that's not otherwise covered by an employer.

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • all previous tier rewards
  • access to my Open Source Cash Flow spreadsheet (Google Sheets; requires an email address)

$20 a month


An "Array" of Developers Tier [πŸ’», ⌨️ , πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»]

Each subscriber at this tier gets access to a monthly hour-long group discussion call, where we can chat about whatever's on people's minds, do code reviews and pairing, etc. The call will be scheduled via doodle or similar, so that every eligible sponsor can make it.

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • all previous tier rewards
  • access to the aforementioned group call

$75 a month


Date night tier!

This covers πŸ‘Ά babysitting 🍼 for my kids for a few hours so my partner and I can have a date night (or a day date).

It's super important to treat yo self and get some self care, and the more time I can devote to my family away from the computer, the more πŸ”Œ energized and πŸ˜ƒ happy I am during my computer time, which I'm pretty sure is good for everyone!

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • all previous tier rewards
  • up to an hour a month phone or video call where I'll help you learn a JavaScript concept, create and fine-tune a TC39 language proposal (warning: this definitely includes helping you understand why your awesome idea won't work, but also brainstorming ways it could work!), and more.

$500 a month


TC39 tier!

This covers travel to meetings locally & around the world, price-shopped airfare (i'm a friendly traveler even in the middle seat or next to babies), the most affordable Airbnb I can find with decent wifi, + a few meals.

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • all previous tier rewards
  • 3 full days of my time a yearβ€Ό
    • I'll travel to you on my dime when it works for us both. travel time counts (in case you live far from me) & trip length must fit my schedule.
    • you travel to me
    • video/phone calls
    • async review/discussion
      … or any reasonable combo. You get 72 hours worth of my time throughout the year β€” we can grab drinks, chat about stuff, pair on code/prose β€” anything profesh & mutually agreeable.

$6,000 a month


"and my axe" πŸ”¨ tier!

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • all previous tier rewards
  • 10 hours a week of my time, on average. Just like the previous tier's "72 hours a year", this can be in-person, or remote. I won't commit to frequent traveling, but we could certainly arrange, for example, me traveling to you and pairing for a week.

Note: I have low expectations that anyone will take advantage of this tier, so I'm very open to figuring out alternative ways I can contribute my time and effort to subscribers at this level - let's talk and figure it out!