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Ahad Chowdhury

Sydney, Australia

I am Ahad Chowdhury, originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh — studying Master of Data Science at Macquarie University, NSW, Australia.

Most of my work is based on or around @dotnet, @nodejs, and @python.

The funding would be a motivation to contribute more to open-source software — my way of giving back to the community of developers, whose contributions on various projects have enabled me to have a useful impact using my knowledge of coding.


Having 10 sponsors would be nice!

Featured work

  1. howtocode-dev/

    বাংলায় গিট ভার্সন কন্ট্রোলিং

  2. devsonket/

    🎨🛠📌 সম্পূর্ণ বাংলায় ডেভেলপার চিটশিট 🎨🛠📌

    JavaScript 964
  3. opencrvs/opencrvs-core

    A global solution to civil registration

    TypeScript 78
  4. maacpiash/vardict

    🖥 💬 Get a dictionary consisting of CLI arguments

    TypeScript 2
  5. maacpiash/KonSchool

    🏫 🇧🇩 Fuzzy-AHP-based recommendation system for secondary schools in Bangladesh

    C# 18
  6. maacpiash/MqFind

    🏠 🔍 Query and sort listings of available housing options posted on Macquarie University's accommodation website


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