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I'm Oli Larkin.

I'm a creative music technologist, and I've been developing audio plug-ins for over 15 years. I recently moved to Berlin to work for Ableton but I've also made my own products (synths and FX) and have done consulting and contract work for companies such as Focusrite, Arturia and Roli. I previously worked at various UK Universities teaching audio programming and supporting research and sound art projects. Although I now have a full time job, I am still working on my open source projects, as time permits.

The main project is iPlug2 - a free, open source C++ audio plug-in framework for creating professional quality audio plug-ins and apps that work on the desktop, mobile and web platforms. iPlug2 is a collaboration with Alex Harker, who has contributed many of the great new features. It's an evolution of my previous project WDL-OL, which many other developers have used over the years to make their products. It's crazy to think I've spent nearly 10 years of my life now maintaining iPlug in various forms. I am committed to making iPlug2 as easy as possible for beginners to use, but also powerful and flexible for more experienced developers to use for all sorts of different plug-ins.

A big part of the iPlug2 project has been allowing it to support Web Audio Modules - a new web audio plug-in format, which i was involved with. The WAM SDK allows you to easily port desktop plug-ins to work in the browser via WebAssembly. Check out the WAM port of my plug-in VirtualCZ, which is made with iPlug2 (also shown in this video:

We accept contributions from others, e.g. help with bug reporting/fixes/documentation, so If you are not in a position to contribute financially, but would like to help that is also very much appreciated. Please join the slack if you'd like to join us.

All the best,

Oli Larkin

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If I can earn $2500/month I can spend the majority of my time working on open source projects such as iPlug2, finishing the core features, fixing bugs, and completing the much needed documentation.


Featured work

  1. iPlug2/iPlug2

    C++ Audio Plug-in Framework for desktop, mobile and web

  2. olilarkin/awesome-musicdsp

    A curated list of my favourite music DSP and audio programming resources

  3. olilarkin/pMix2

    pMix - a preset interpolator, plug-in chainer and Faust IDE written with JUCE

    C++ 82
  4. olilarkin/juce_faustllvm

    JUCE Module for the libfaust JIT compiler

    C++ 30
  5. olilarkin/Tambura

    Tambura.dsp - Waveguide physical model of an Indian Tambura/Tanpura in FAUST

  6. olilarkin/wdl-ol

    Enhanced version of Cockos' iPlug - A simple-to-use C++ framework for developing cross platform audio plugins and targeting multiple plugin APIs with the same code. VST / VST3 / Audiounit / RTAS / …

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