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Shohei Ueda


I'm Shohei Ueda. Call me peaceiris. I'm an undergraduate student lives in Japan.

My main projects:

Also, I spend my time on various repositories to support someone.

If you'd like to support me, I'd appreciate it! ❤

Pinned projects

  • peaceiris/actions-gh-pages

    GitHub Actions for GitHub Pages 🚀 Deploy static files and publish your site easily. Static-Site-Generators-friendly.

    Shell 295
  • peaceiris/actions-hugo

    GitHub Actions for Hugo ⚡️ Setup Hugo quickly and build your site fast. Hugo extended and Hugo Modules are supported.

    TypeScript 85
  • peaceiris/emoji-ime-dictionary

    日本語で絵文字入力をするための IME 追加辞書 📙 Google 日本語入力などで日本語から絵文字への変換を可能にする IME 拡張辞書です

    Jupyter Notebook 62
  • hugojapan/

    🇯🇵 Hugo Documentation 和訳・日本語訳プロジェクト - まずはこちらをお読みください

  • peaceiris/google-ime-dictionary

    日英変換・英語略語展開のための IME 追加辞書 📙 日本語から英語への和英変換や英語略語の展開を Google 日本語入力や ATOK などで可能にする IME 拡張辞書です

    Shell 11
  • peaceiris/mkdocs-material-boilerplate

    MkDocs Material Boilerplate (Starter Kit) - Deploy documentation to hosting platforms (Netlify, GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages, and AWS Amplify Console) with CircleCI, Docker, pipenv, GitHub Actions

    Shell 16

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