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Peter Roberts

United Kingdom

I'm a full-time employed developer who loves to work on free open source software in my own time. I've got so much from the FOSS world both personally and professionally - I wouldn't be able to build such awesome things without standing on the shoulders of giants!

My main areas of interest right now are cross-platform tools I write in Go, modules in Perl and Go, Linux and random stuff. I tend to try and find open tools to achieve whatever I need and if they don't exist I like to make them. I also like to help people out. 😄

My chosen FOSS license is MIT because I want to give users as much freedom as possible in what they do with my projects. If you've got a good reason to make it closed-source then that's fine with me but I'd encourage you to keep things open and contribute upstream for the most added value!

Featured work

  1. pwr22/covbot

    Matrix bot tracking SARS-COV-2 statistics.

    Python 13
  2. pwr22/cloudflare-client

    CloudFlare::Client Perl module

    Perl 2
  3. pwr22/go-zoom

    Parallel command executor with a focus on simplicity and good cross-platform behaviour

    Go 2
  4. pwr22/zswap

    Utilities for using zswap on linux

  5. pwr22/perl-pod-weaver-section-support

    Add a SUPPORT section to your POD

  6. pwr22/Dist-Zilla-TravisCI

    Travis CI plugins for your DZIL-based distribution


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The Watcher

If you like my projects or get some use from them and just want to give a little back then this tier's for you! Plus you get:

  • Email updates on new software releases. 💾
  • Email updates on new documentation I publish. 📄
  • Email updates on new articles I write. ✍️

$3 a month


The Bug Buster

If you want to get a bit more involved in my projects then this tier's for you! You get:

  • Everything from The Watcher. ⬆️
  • Priority support using any of my projects. 🔧
  • I will prioritise squashing any bugs you find. 👞 🪲
  • Ongoing development updates. 👨‍💻
  • Ongoing updates on articles I'm working on. 📧

$5 a month


The Contributor

If you want to drive the direction of my projects then this tier's for you! You get:

  • Everything from the The Bug Buster. ⬆️
  • I will prioritise working on your feature suggestions. 💡
  • I will prioritise reviewing and merging your pull requests. 💾 ⬅️ 👀 ⬅️ 🤺

$10 a month


The Creator

If you want to drive the direction of new projects then this tier's for you. You get:

  • Everything from The Contributor. ⬆️
  • I will prioritise your ideas for new projects. :godmode:

$25 a month


The Dream

If you want to help me reach my dream of becoming a full-time open source developer then this tier's for you. You get:

  • Everything from The Creator. ⬆️
  • My undying gratitude. 😄
  • If you ever visit Bristol in the UK then I'd like to meet you and grab a coffee together. I'm buying! 🆓