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Steve Seguin

Toronto, Canada

VDO.Ninja and my other open-source projects are where most my free time goes these days, along with most my nights. They are fun passion projects for me, and knowing that I am able to help out the community is a big driver for me.

If you'd like to make a small financial gift, the kindness is always very much appreciated; every single one is quite noticed. I can't offer anything in return, but thank you so very much for the consideration and thoughtfulness.

While GitHub Sponsors is the preferred way to gift, there is also PayPal and Buymeacoffee.

I also have available crypto options; if something isn't listed though, I can add it.

Ethereum (ETH) Address: 0x121D04c9B2fB1A2BA8F80F326897D6F1F524c08A

Bitcoin (BTC) Address: bc1q6nrxpwkknsxquewt64p6tjr5xurdus53mr2gqt

Dogecoin (DOGE) Address: D7WSUKyfzmmYUifVWiwV86vFUDWASSEknL

XRP (XRP) Address: rEEDE48FyFuSBw5KNhab6sXHsryWceSNJz

Litecoin (LTC) Address: LV3GN2qCMtmoo5LzuQJj6qzE2cqxdcYxp2

Cardano (ADA) Address: addr1qx2gs9pl3d4kw8lt5achfkakmhvrc4wjpzwtzv03nsa59fy53q2rlzmtvu07hfm3wndmdhwc832ayzyukyclr8pmg2jqrnj0ka

Polkadot (DOT) Address: 13Ah9fbPCF9HmKuUbfRpc9zjgWcWMBPQfy9J1LbB8XL2tiE1

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Address: qqrfqw68qcf5vp2rfwyx0es8zlsdhq2dpsnmhrj5ay


If you wish to gift financially in other ways, please contact Steve directly:

Thank you, sincerely.

- Steve Seguin


If you're so inclined to donate, thank you.

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Featured work

  1. steveseguin/

    VDO.Ninja is a powerful tool that lets you bring remote video feeds into OBS or other studio software via WebRTC.

    JavaScript 1,934
  2. steveseguin/color-grading

    Automatic PNG-LUT creator for OBS using Color Reference Cards for Calibration

    Jupyter Notebook 56
  3. steveseguin/electroncapture

    Playback video in a frameless electron app for screen-sharing and window capture

    JavaScript 251
  4. ooblex/ooblex

    Transformative AI

    Python 6
  5. steveseguin/free-wireless-hdmi

    Turn your wifi-enabled Camera into a wireless webcam for youtube, etc.

    Python 13

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