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Shinya Uryu

Tokushima, Japan

Thanks for considering being my sponsor.

I give to the development and maintenance of R language packages and the operation of the R community in Japan (Tokyo.R, Tsukuba.R, Tokushima.R). I'm also analyzes and visualizes data as a hobby, and publishes the source code on GitHub.

Your sponsorship will support my ongoing work and volunteer R communities!

Why GitHub Sponsors?

In order to improve OSS, it is essential to interact in multiple languages, including English. International conferences are held all over the world, and travel expenses are incurred. This money will be used to invest in multilingual learning and materials for my OSS project.

Currently focused my OSS projects 🚀

  • 📦 zipangu - Make it easier to treat data that address, year, and Kanji.
  • 📦 jpmesh - Utilities for Japanese mesh code
  • 📦 fgdr - Utilities for Fundamental Geospatial Data


The link below is a list of my pull requests, issues

Communities 🤝

Books 📚

DataVis Projects 📊

Current sponsors 8


Past sponsors 3


Featured work

  1. uribo/jpmesh

    🔳 Utilities for Japanese mesh code

  2. uribo/zipangu

    Japanese utility functions and data

  3. uribo/jpndistrict

    🗾 Create Japansese Administration Area Maps

  4. uribo/tokupon_ds


  5. uribo/practical-ds

    Data Science and Modeling in Practice

    Jupyter Notebook 21
  6. uribo/dmr


    TeX 3

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