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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Aug 5, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release

Change log:

fc9140a Upgrade to stable versions from snapshots
9896494 Change travis to use trusty
0edce21 Remove remaining redundant superinterfaces
bf1d562 Fix MergedAnnotations.SearchStrategy deprecations
fc827e1 GH-3004: Revert scope of handler factories
f7fc336 Fix Sonar issues
884db2c Checkstyle fix
580ca86 Test fixes for AssertJ changes
b993972 Upgrade Lettuce, AssertJ versions
0960870 Fix javadoc (previous commit)
d2dc9c5 fix JavaDoc code snippet on PayloadMatcher
cd0f56b Add Apache MINA SftpEventListener
b1dfb7b INT-1926: Option to disallow arbitrary routing
ef1d7be Fix nullability issue in queuechannel (#3012)
91eb365 GH-3003: Add link to migration guide
5a8be5d GH-3004: Fix MMIH argument resolution
aaefe51 GH-3003: Fix pub/sub with dynamic DSL flows
8de73d3 Sonar Fixes
b660920 Revert "RSocket - temporary work around for tests"
016bb32 RSocket - temporary work around for tests
38b6454 Fix New Sonar Issues
80d679a GH-2748: More bean definitions into exceptions
0ed88c3 Fix spring-web dependency for AMQP module
ce85b64 Improve RemoteFileTemplate invalid payload except.
0259d08 RemoteFileTemplate: Improve test coverage
d2eee91 INT-3746: Polishing
89e1eb3 GH-2999: Fix TimeoutCountSeqSizeReleaseStrategy
42d8faf Upgrade dependencies, including Gradle (#2997)
8bb0e19 Clear lock cache in NioFileLocker (#2998)
084aaf7 GH-2988: Use @Config(proxyBeanMethods=false) (#2989)
989d317 Add type mapping to SimpleToAvroTransformer
c109e1d GH-2987: Add HTTPS entries into spring.schemas
13bccf7 Fix Checkstyle violation for ( and comment after
34723fb Fix Rsocket module for moved classes in SF
733b895 Fix new Sonar smells
c712416 GH-2748: Add bean definition info into exceptions (#2986)
ebb22c2 Fix RSocket module according latest SF
d2a4987 Fix new Sonar smells
737b939 Resolve deprecations in WebFlux module
24348a1 Rely on the RSocket FrameType header
53d4faa Fix new Sonar smells
9a2b75b Add simple Avro transformers
9115644 Fix RSocket tests according new @ConnectMapping
c6a5ea8 Polish RSocket module according latest SF
5a1846c INT-2480: Add aggregate headers strategy
09c4f03 Upgrade to JUnit 5.5, Mockito 2.28.2
fb47f44 Fix test for spring-amqp snapshot
3b11519 Fix deprecation warnings in AMQP module
5e1a92d Fix race condition around Redis key
9bdff8c Fix new Sonar smells
5d50755 Fix some typos in Docs
f89e8aa Fix Redis components for JDK deserialization
890cd1f Add equals & hashCode into IntWebExchangeBindEx
cc87c1b Optimize ServerRSocketConnector connection
0675fdf RSocketDslTests: Resolve server port eagerly
7795496 Fix RSocket parser tests for
1aea280 Remove explicit Reactor deps for RSockets
c18c2e2 Add Validation to HTTP Inbound (#2978)
c5ec2d9 Remove double commas in docs for link syntax
175223d GH-2974: Fix race in TcpNetConnection.getPayload()
59cdc4d Add validation support into WebFlux Inbound (#2977)
97aaf95 Polishing RSocket module according SF changes
e833a44 Fix new Sonar smells
bda5221 Fix SmartLifecycle.stop(Runnable) usage (#2973)
a75f080 Fix HttpHeaderMapper to support MimeType
f049623 Fix Rsocket module according latest SF changes
3ec6b56 Polishing RSocket module according latest SF
d79c06a GH-2967: Fix ScatterGatherH for headers copy (#2968)
36c14ef Some polishing for RSocket support
244e594 Fix nohttp for custom whitelist.lines
153a748 Fix StompMHWebSocketIntTests for reconnect events
a77dac5 Fix new Sonar smells; revert to BUILD-SNAPSHOTs

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