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Spring Integration 5.1 to 5.2 Migration Guide

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Deprecated ChannelInterceptorAware

The ChannelInterceptorAware has been deprecated in favor of with exact functionality. A protected AbstractMessageChannel.getInterceptors() method to obtain an internal AbstractMessageChannel.ChannelInterceptorList has been renamed to the getIChannelInterceptorList() since it clashes with the InterceptableChannel.getInterceptors() and they have a different return types. The VetoCapableInterceptor.shouldIntercept() signature has been changed to accept an InterceptableChannel already.

JDBC Outbound Gateway maxRows

If the maxRows for the JdbcOutboundGateway is > 1, the query result is returned as a List even if it contains only one item. Previously when only one item was retrieved the payload was the item itself, independent of the maxRows configuration. Always returning a list makes user code simpler, but this change may break some existing applications. Most likely, however, it won't because, presumably, such apps would always check for both an object or a list of objects; this is no longer necessary since it will always be a list.

DSL publishSubscribeChannel Behavior Change

Given the following IntegrationFlow:

return f -> f
        .publishSubscribeChannel(c -> c
                .subscribe(sf -> sf.handle(...)
                .subscribe(sf -> sf.handle(...)
                .subscribe(sf -> sf.handle(...))

If this flow is defined in a static @Bean definition, the subscribers are invoked in the natural (first to last) order.

However, with previous releases, if the flow is registered dynamically with the IntegrationFlowContext, the subscribers were invoked last to first.

Starting with the 5.2 release, the subscribers are invoked in the natural (first to last) order, regardless of static Vs. dynamic registration.

(S)FTP Session getHostPort() contract

The org.springframework.integration.file.remote.session.Session provides a getHostPort() contract to be implemented as a remote host and port pair (e.g. localhost:22 for local FTP server). The FtpSession provides an implementation as a result of this.client.getRemoteAddress().getHostName() + ':' + this.client.getRemotePort() expression. The SftpSession as this.jschSession.getHost() + ':' + this.jschSession.getPort(). This contract must not return null.

GatewayMethodMetadata payloadExpression

The GatewayMethodMetadata.setPayloadExpression() now requires an Expression instead of plain String. As well as getPayloadExpression() returns now an Expression instead of String. We can't keep a String-based setter/getter because XML parser relies on the Java Beans introspector to populate properties.

Jackson 2.10

The minimum requirements for Jackson JSON process is now version 2.10 because of some breaking changes in its API.

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