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Cypress Go Report Card

What it is

A Cloud for SQLite databases, with special integration for DB Browser for SQLite.

You can use our live hosted version at, our API server at, or run things locally for your own users.

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  • Golang - version 1.18 or above is required.
  • Memcached - version 1.4.33 and above are known to work.
  • Minio - release 2016-11-26T02:23:47Z and later are known to work.
  • NodeJS - version 20 is known to work, others are untested.
  • PostgreSQL - version 13 and above are known to work.
  • Yarn - version 1.22.x. Not Yarn 2.x or greater.


  • api - A very simple API server, used for querying databases remotely.
  • common - Library of functions used by the components.
  • database - PostgreSQL database schema.
  • default_licences - Useful Open Source licences suitable for databases.
  • db4s - REST server which DB Browser for SQLite and Dio use for communicating with
  • live - Internal daemon which manages live SQLite databases.
  • webui - The main public facing webUI.

Libraries for accessing via API

  • go-dbhub - A Go library for accessing and using your SQLite libraries on
  • pydbhub - A Python library for accessing and using your SQLite libraries on