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Dio is our reference command line interface (CLI) for working with

It can be used used to:

  • transfer databases to and from the cloud (pushing and pulling)
  • check their version history
  • create branches, tags, releases, and commits
  • diff changes (in a future release)
  • and more... (eventually)

It's at a fairly early stage in it's development, though the main pieces should all work. It's not yet polished and user friendly though.

Building from source

Dio requires Go to be installed (version 1.11.4+ is known to work). Building should just require:

$ go get

Getting Started

To use it, generate a certificate file for yourself on, save it somewhere, and create a text file called config.toml in a .dio folder off your home directory:

cachain = "ca-chain.cert.pem"
cert = "/path/to/your/certificate.cert.pem"

cloud = ""

name = "Your Name"
email = ""
  • The ca-chain-cert.pem file is from here
    • Download it and save it on your computer, then update that path to point to it
  • The cert path should point to your generated certificate
  • The cloud value should be left alone (eg pointing to
  • The name and email values should be set to your name and email address

You can check the information from Dio's point of view by running dio info, which will display the information it has loaded from the configuration file.

Dio has a help option (dio help) which is useful for listing the available dio commands, explaining their purpose, etc.


A powerful command line interface for working with





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