Third party libraries

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Libraries in thirdparty/ directory

Library License Notes Switch
thirdparty/ansistrm/ BSD Used to colourize logging messages -
thirdparty/beautifulsoup/ BSD Used to crawl the target site --crawl
thirdparty/bottle/ MIT Used as micro web server for the RESTful API
thirdparty/chardet/ LGPL Used to heuristically detect the HTTP response body charset -
thirdparty/clientform/ BSD Used to parse HTML forms --forms
thirdparty/colorama/ BSD Used to make output colouring cross-platform -
thirdparty/fcrypt/ BSD Used to crack a generic password hash --passwords
thirdparty/gprof2dot/ LGPL Used for internal debug purposes --profile
thirdparty/keepalive/ LGPL Used for persistent HTTP(s) requests --keep-alive and -o
thirdparty/magic/ PSF Used to identify and show the file type in log messages --file-write
thirdparty/multipartpost/ LGPL Used to upload files via web file stager --os-cmd, --os-shell, --os-pwn
thirdparty/odict/ BSD Used internally -
thirdparty/oset/ BSD Used to keep multiple targets sorted as they are provided -l, -m and -g
thirdparty/pagerank/ MIT Used to display page rank for Google dork results -g
thirdparty/prettyprint/ MIT Used to generate XML output --xml, to be replaced by --report (#14)
thirdparty/pydes/ Free, public domain Used to crack the Oracle old password format --passwords
thirdparty/socks/ BSD Used to tunnel your requests over Tor SOCKS proxy --tor-type and --proxy
thirdparty/termcolor/ MIT Used to colourize output -
thirdparty/xdot/ LGPL Used for internal debug purposes --profile

Libraries and tools in extra/ directory

These listed are libraries and tools not entirely developed by sqlmap developers only.

Library / tool License Notes Switch
extra/icmpsh/ LGPL Used for OS takeover feature via ICMP --os-pwn

Dependencies not bundled

Library / tool License Notes Switch
Metasploit Framework BSD Used for OS takeover features --os-pwn, --os-bof, --os-smbshell
PyReadline BSD Used for TAB autocomplete and history --os-shell and --sql-shell
python cx_Oracle BSD Connector for Oracle -d
python ibm-db Apache Connector for DB2 -d
python-impacket BSD Used for OS takeover feature via icmpsh --os-pwn
python-kinterbasdb BSD Connector for Firebird -d
python-ntlm LGPL Used when the site requires NTLM authentication --auth-type
python-psycopg2 LGPL Connector for PostgreSQL -d
python-pyodbc MIT Connector for Microsoft Access -d
python-pymssql LGPL Connector for Microsoft SQL Server -d
python pymysql MIT Connector for MySQL -d
python-pysqlite2 MIT Connector for SQLite 2 -d