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SquaredUp Samples

SquaredUp Samples is for sharing dashboards, scripts and snippets with the wider community. In this project you will find useful samples to enhance your experiance of building amazing dashboards in SquaredUp:

  • Dashboards - built by the community, JSON exports that can be configured and used to quick start your dashboarding projects.
  • EAM PowerShell Monitors - sample scripts for custom monitoring in SquaredUp Enterprise Applications.
  • KQL - sample Kusto Query Language scripts for visualizing data in the SquaredUp Azure dashboard tiles.
  • Mustache & Custom Labels - sample snippets for manipulating data in visualizations.
  • PowerShell - sample scripts for visualizing data in the SquaredUp PowerShell dashboard tiles.
  • SQL - sample scripts for visualizing data in the SquaredUp SQL dashboard tiles.

Where to get help

Found a problem?

Issues can be raised in GitHub. Please include a clear description, steps to reproduce and screenshots where appropriate.

How to contribute

Want to fix a problem or contribute your own work? Excellent! Read up on our guidelines for contributing.

How long will it take for my contribution to be reviewed

The time necessary for a review will vary, smaller changes may be reviewed within days, while larger changes may take longer.


A collection of sample dashboards, custom labels, mustaches, SQL scripts and PowerShell scripts to help you get the most out of SquaredUp. #community-powered




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