c++ testing framework
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New(3-clause) BSD License NuGet version


iutest - iris unit test framework

Welcome to the iutest

iutest is framework for writing C++ tests.


  • An XUnit test framework.
  • Header only, no external dependencies.
  • Test discovery.
  • XML/JUnit test report generation.
  • Assertions.
    • A rich set of assertions.
    • User-defined assertions.
    • Power-assert (expression-assert).
    • Matchers.
    • Fatal and non-fatal, warning, assume failures.
  • Value-parameterized tests.
  • Type-parameterized tests.
  • Advanced parameter generation.
    • Pairwise parameter.
    • CSV parameter.
    • Any parameter.
    • Random parameter.
    • Multiple parameters can be concatenated.
  • Test packages (grouping).
  • Skip test.
  • Private member test.
  • Janaese test name (C++03).
  • Various options for running the tests.
  • Compatible with Google Test. (1.5 or later)


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Cygwin
  • MinGW


Project page



  • fused
    make fused-src.
  • twilio
    notifies the test results using twilio
  • wandbox
    tools to make use of the iutest in wandbox


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Buddy buddy branch buddy branch arm-none-eabi-gcc build, and below
buddy pipeline - gtest compatible test for released versions
- buddy pipeline gtest version detect test
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INSPECODE Job Status Job Status Spell check, Cppcheck, cpplint, metrics, scan-build
Codacy Codacy Badge Codacy Badge Shellcheck, Cppcheck, PyLint, etc...


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Contributing change

Please read the CONTRIBUTING.md for details on how to contribute to this project.


Copyright (c) 2011-2018, Takazumi Shirayanagi,
All rights reserved.

This software is released under the New(3-clause) BSD License, see LICENSE