ezXSS is an easy way to test (blind) XSS
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ezXSS is an easy way to test (blind) Cross Site Scripting.

Alert I'm currently busy with building ezXSS 3. The whole application will be re-coded.

Current features

Some features ezXSS has

  • Easy to use dashboard with statics, payloads, view/share/search reports and more
  • Payload generator
  • Instant email alert on payload
  • Custom javascript for extra testing
  • Prevent double payloads from saving or alerting
  • Share reports with other ezXSS users
  • Easily manage and view reports in the system
  • Search for reports in no time
  • Secure your system account with extra protection (2FA)
  • The following information is collected on a vulnerable page:
    • The URL of the page
    • IP Address
    • Any page referer (or share referer)
    • The User-Agent
    • All Non-HTTP-Only Cookies
    • Full HTML DOM source of the page
    • Page origin
    • Time of execution
  • its just ez :-)


  • PHP 5.5 or up
  • A domain name (consider a short one)
  • An SSL if you want to test on https websites (consider Cloudflare or Let's Encrypt for a free SSL)


ezXSS is ez to install

  • Download the 'files' folder and put all the files inside your root
  • Create an empty database and provide your database information in '/manage/src/Database.php'
  • Go to /manage/install in your browser and setup a password and email
  • Done! That was ez right?

To do list

Some things I am planning to add/change in future versions. This list is sorted on how important/fast it is going to be added.

I'm currently busy with ezXSS 3.0.

Adding in a future versions:

  • Finishing the API
  • Make all files OOP (1 file left)
  • Page grabbing
  • Live JS - send JS code LIVE while the person is on the page
  • You got ideas?


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