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popen4 can return nil status #21

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According to popen4 source code comments:

On windows executing a non existent command does not raise an error
(as in unix) so on unix we return nil instead of a status object

It means that when java is not installed on unix 84 line in compressor.rb will throw "undefined method `exitstatus' for nil:NilClass (tested on Ubuntu with no java installed). That's why I've added validation for status presence.


+1 to getting this merged in. Under Linux, this manifests when Java is not installed, resulting in a NoMethodError - very confusing when running remotely, e.g. under Rails+Capistrano using rake assets:precompile.


I have this issue and can be usefull to know there are no java install instead of a YuiCompressor exception


this took a while to track down .. a fix will be appreciated


:+1: for merging this in. Failing for me when Java is not installed.


+1 for the merge...


This issue should be resolved now that I've taken care of:
better error messaging: #20
replace Popen4 with tempfiles: #14

@stevecrozz stevecrozz closed this Jul 15, 2013
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