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A Matlab toolbox to analyze slip transfer through grain boundaries

To get started with STABiX, clone the repository, then run Matlab, and cd into the folder containing this README file. Then add the package path to the Matlab search path by typing "path_management". Finally you can start the launcher by typing "demo" at the Matlab command prompt. See the full documentation at


Written by D. Mercier [1] and C. Zambaldi [1], based on previous work of T. R. Bieler [2] and C. Zambaldi [1].

[1] Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, 40237 Düsseldorf, Germany

[2] Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing 48824 MI, USA

How to cite STABiX in your papers ?

"STABiX v1.6" =

"STABiX v2.0" =

Reference paper

"STABiX documentation."

"A Matlab toolbox to analyze slip transfer through grain boundaries" D. Mercier, C. Zambaldi, T. R. Bieler, 17th International Conference on Textures of Materials (ICOTOM17), at Dresden, Germany (2014). IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering Volume 82 conference 1.

"Spherical indentation and crystal plasticity modeling near grain boundaries in alpha-Ti." D. Mercier, C. Zambaldi, P. Eisenlohr, Y. Su, M. A. Crimp, T. R. Bieler, Poster presented at "Indentation 2014" Conference in Strasbourg (France) (December 2014).

"Study of Bi-Crystal Grain Boundary Deformation in Commercially Pure Tantalum." B. Dunlap et al., CHEMS Forum (2015).

"Grain Boundaries and Plasticity." D. Mercier, C. Zambaldi, P. Eisenlohr, M. A. Crimp, T. R. Bieler, R. Sánchez Martín. Invited talk at "MTEX Workshop 2016" Conference in Chemnitz (Germany) (February 2016).

"Quantifying deformation processes near grain boundaries in α titanium using nanoindentation and crystal plasticity modeling." Y. Su, C. Zambaldi, D. Mercier, P. Eisenlohr, T.R. Bieler, M.A. Crimp, International Journal of Plasticity, (2016).

"Micromechanics of magnesium and its alloys studied by nanoindentation." R. Sánchez Martín, PhD thesis, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2017).

"Investigation of single crystal and bi-crystal deformation in body-centered cubic tantalum using indentation." B. Dunlap, PhD thesis, Michigan State University (2018).


  • Raúl Sánchez Martín (IMDEA, Madrid) contributed Python code to generate Abaqus indentation models.


Parts of this work were supported under the NSF/DFG Materials World Network program (DFG ZA 523/3-1 and NSF-DMR-1108211). We also acknowledge useful discussions with Y. Su, P. Eisenlohr and M. Crimp from the Michigan State University.


MATLAB; Graphical User Interface (GUI); Grain Boundaries; Polycrystalline Metals; Slip Transmission; Bi-Crystal (BX); Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD); Instrumented indentation; Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method (CPFEM); python Toolbox.