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StackHPC Image Elements

This repository provides OpenStack Diskimage Builder (DIB) elements for scientific and cloud computing environments.


This repository provides the following DIB elements:

  • docker-ce: Installs Docker CE (Community Edition) for RPM-based distros.
  • magnum-swarm: Installs dependencies necessary for running Docker Swarm clusters on OpenStack Magnum.
  • openhpc: Installs an OpenHPC repo and core packages.
  • mlnx-ofed: Installs a Mellanox OFED repo and a configurable set of core packages.
  • sriov-hypervisor: Prepare a hypervisor with networking preparation for SR-IOV support.
  • hpc-hypervisor: Kernel and package optimisations for hypervisor virt optimisations.
  • dhcp-on: Configures network for DHCP only on a single, configurable interface name.
  • ipa-extra-hardware: Installs tools for enhanced hardware inspection in an Ironic Python Agent (IPA) ramdisk image.
  • nvidia-cuda: Installs Nvidia CUDA repo and packages for GPU support.
  • centos-linkup-extra: Allows extra time for slow network links to come up.