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A free, open-source, and completely encrypted notes app. Mac, PC, & Linux app repository |
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This application makes use of the core JS/CSS/HTML code found in the web repo. For issues related to the actual app experience, please post issues in the web repo.

Running Locally

npm run setup
npm run start


Build for all platforms:

electron-packager . "Standard Notes" \
  --platform=all \
  --icon=icon/icon \
  --overwrite \
  --osx-sign='Mac Developer ID Application: xxx' \


  • npm run dist


  • npm run dist-win
  • npm run dist-linux
  • npm run dist-mac


On Linux, download the latest AppImage from the Releases page, and give it executable permission:

chmod u+x standard-notes*.AppImage

Alternative Downloads

The Standard Notes desktop client is also available through a variety of package managers:

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