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An organizer for your porn, written in Go
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Stash is a Go app which organizes and serves your porn.

See a demo here (password is stashapp).

Docker install

Follow this in the docker directory.

Bare-metal Install

Stash supports macOS, Windows, and Linux. Download the latest release here.

Run the executable (double click the exe on windows or run ./stash-osx / ./stash-linux from the terminal on macOS / Linux) and navigate to either https://localhost:9999 or http://localhost:9998 to get started.

Note for Windows users: Running the app might present a security prompt since the binary isn't signed yet. Just click more info and then the "run anyway" button.


If stash is unable to find or download FFMPEG then download it yourself from the link for your platform:

The ffmpeg(.exe) and ffprobe(.exe) files should be placed in ~/.stash on macOS / Linux or C:\Users\YourUsername\.stash on Windows.



Stash provides some command line options. See what is currently available by running stash --help.

For example, to run stash locally on port 80 run it like this (OSX / Linux) stash --host --port 80


Stash supports HTTPS with some additional work. First you must generate a SSL certificate and key combo. Here is an example using openssl:

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -sha256 -days 7300 -nodes -keyout stash.key -out stash.crt -extensions san -config <(echo "[req]"; echo distinguished_name=req; echo "[san]"; echo subjectAltName=DNS:stash.server,IP: -subj /CN=stash.server

This command would need customizing for your environment. This link might be useful.

Once you have a certificate and key file name them stash.crt and stash.key and place them in the ~/.stash directory. Stash detects these and starts up using HTTPS rather than HTTP.


I'm unable to run the app on OSX or Linux

Try running chmod u+x stash-osx or chmod u+x stash-linux to make the file executable.

I have a question not answered here.

Join the Discord server.



  • Revive - Configurable linter go get
  • Yarn - Yarn package manager





  1. Download and install Go for Windows
  2. Download and install MingW
  3. Search for "advanced system settings" and open the system properties dialog.
    1. Click the Environment Variables button
    2. Add GO111MODULE=on
    3. Under system variables find the Path. Edit and add C:\Program Files\mingw-w64\*\mingw64\bin (replace * with the correct path).


  • make build - Builds the binary
  • make gqlgen - Regenerate Go GraphQL files
  • make vet - Run go vet
  • make lint - Run the linter

Building a release

  1. cd into the ui/v2 directory and run yarn build to compile the frontend
  2. cd back to the root directory and run make build to build the executable for your current platform

Cross compiling

This project uses a modification of this docker container to create an environment where the app can be cross-compiled. This process is kicked off by CI via the scripts/ script. Run the following command to open a bash shell to the container to poke around:

docker run --rm --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target=/stash -w /stash -i -t stashappdev/compiler:latest /bin/bash

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