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🔥🔥🔥自定义Android相机(仿抖音 TikTok),其中功能包括视频人脸识别贴纸,分段录制,视频裁剪,视频帧处理,获取视频关键帧,视频旋转,添加滤镜,添加水印,合成Gif到视频,文字转视频,图片转视频,音视频合成,音频变声处理,SoundTouch,Fmod音频处理。 Android camera(imitation Tik Tok), which includes video editor,audio editor,video face recognition stickers, segment recording,video cropping, video frame processing, get the first video frame, key frame, video rotation, add filter Mirror ,add watermark ,add gif to video, add text to video, picture to video, audio and video synthesis, audio change processing, SoundTouch, Fmod audio processing.

  • Updated Jul 7, 2020
  • Java

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