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kgryte committed Jul 27, 2019
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@@ -176,6 +176,14 @@ which will expose the `stdlib` command. For example, to see available sub-comman
$ stdlib help

and to run the [REPL][@stdlib/repl]

<!-- run-disable -->

$ stdlib repl

For distributable bundles for use in browser environments or as shared ("vendored") libraries in server environments, see the [`dist`][stdlib-bundles] directory and associated [guide][stdlib-bundles].

Otherwise, to install as a system library, follow the [download][stdlib-development], [configuration][stdlib-development], and [installation][stdlib-development] instructions as described in the [development guide][stdlib-development].
@@ -406,6 +414,8 @@ Test and build infrastructure is generously provided by the following services:




<!-- /.links -->

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