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Stellar is a layer-1 open-source decentralized blockchain network aiming to create equitable access to the global financial system. Stellar is designed to enable creators and developers to build projects on the network that can interoperate with each other and the world’s financial systems.

Soroban is an open-source Rust-based smart contracts platform that is built for scalability and real-world utility. Soroban integrates with and works alongside the existing Stellar blockchain.

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  1. stellar-protocol stellar-protocol Public

    Developer discussion about possible changes to the protocol.

    RPC 509 302

  2. stellar-core stellar-core Public

    Reference implementation for the peer-to-peer agent that manages the Stellar network.

    C 3.1k 968

  3. js-stellar-sdk js-stellar-sdk Public

    Main Stellar client library for the JavaScript language.

    JavaScript 615 297

  4. rs-soroban-sdk rs-soroban-sdk Public

    Rust SDK for Soroban contracts.

    Rust 104 63

  5. soroban-rpc soroban-rpc Public

    RPC server for Soroban contracts.

    Go 8 15

  6. stellar-cli stellar-cli Public

    CLI for Soroban contracts.

    Rust 58 49


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