Horizon is the client facing HTTP API server for the Stellar ecosystem
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This repository has moved to the go monorepo: https://github.com/stellar/go/tree/master/services/horizon. Please direct any future Pull Requests there.

Horizon is the client facing API server for the Stellar ecosystem. It acts as the interface between stellar-core and applications that want to access the Stellar network. It allows you to submit transactions to the network, check the status of accounts, subscribe to event streams, etc. See an overview of the Stellar ecosystem for more details.

Downloading the server (latest binaries can be found here)

Prebuilt binaries of horizon are available on the releases page.

Platform Binary file name
Mac OSX 64 bit horizon-darwin-amd64
Linux 64 bit horizon-linux-amd64
Windows 64 bit horizon-windows-amd64.exe